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Little Caesars Closes After Mouse Poop Found in Pizza

When visiting a restaurant, it’s under the assumption that they are being held to specific standards of cleanliness. So what do you do if you find rodent droppings in your food? Insectek Pest Solutions knows that it’s everyone’s worst nightmare to find out that their

Air Conditioner Drain Lines – What You Need to Know

Can you believe that summer is nearly here already? It’s time to get your air conditioner in tip-top shape – before the relentless heat kicks in. Yes, this means a spring tune-up to ensure your system is functioning optimally. This includes checking your air conditioner

Prepping Your Home To Be Mosquito-Free

Summer comes with a long to-do list for most people. If you’re a parent you’ll probably need to make arrangements for them while they are out of school. This might mean finding childcare, sending them to summer camp, and making sure they don’t lose all the progress

Top Tips for Kitchen Remodeling Success

A complete kitchen remodeling is the dream of many homeowners. But they put it off because of the effort and expense involved. It helps if you go with top-notch remodeling company GBC Kitchen and Bath. But there are still a few things you need to do to make your kitchen remodeling

How to restore a room from cigarette smoke?

We’ve all experienced it. You walk into a room, and woah, cigarette smoke. In many cases it’s not even new smoke, it’s the remaining residue on the walls, carpets, and furniture from years and years of previous exposure. So, how do you get rid of the smell? Why is

Transform Your Bathroom into a Lovely Spa

Most of us daydream about relaxing in a peaceful spa after an exhausting day at work, but not many of us can find the time or money to take a trip to the spa center whenever we need to unwind and de-stress. So, why not bring a spa to your own home? There are many ways in which you

Does Air Conditioning Cause Summer Colds?

Cold and flu season finally is coming to an end. While summer is usually the time when you’re less likely to catch a bug, it can still happen. And, many believe that the cause of summer colds is air conditioning in homes or offices that is too cold. Could this be true? Cold

Ensure Your Office Air Conditioner Will Keep Your Team Cool This Summer

Arizona summer heat can be relentless by anyone’s standards. Yet, it’s business as usual here in the desert – even when temperatures soar above 100 degrees. To keep operations rolling on the most scorching days, it’s vital to have your commercial air conditioners

Why Remodel Your Kitchen?

Is it time for a kitchen remodeling project? If it’s been some time since your last update, your home could probably benefit from a change. Don’t settle for a kitchen that’s outdated or lacks function. Consider these great reasons for a kitchen remodel in your home

What You Should Know About Power Washing

Power Washing Your Home Cleaning your property regularly is a must. But aside from the regular cleaning, your property needs to go through a deep cleaning as well. Power washing your property is the best way to thoroughly clean it. With all the great benefits from it, it will be

Hemet, CA – Commercial and Residential Roof Services

Hemet, CA, was formerly a hub for the cultivation of citrus fruits, apricots, olives, and walnuts, since it’s part of the fertile San Jacinto Valley. Now, it’s much more of a residential community because it has many affordable properties that draw many families. Whether

Commercial Lawn Care – New Landscaping Services

Locally Grown Commercial Lawn Care Professional lawn care is an essential part of facility maintenance. LES Facility Service, a division of Lloyd’s Electric Service, Inc., is the Southeast’s one-stop-shop for complete building care. We enlist the skills and manpower of

Coral Springs Sportsplex

This popular Sportsplex is located between Sample Road and Royal Palm Boulevard. It is set-up on 180.8 acres and boosts of world-class Tennis and Swimming facilities. It also offers picnic tables and playground for people who want to visit the sports park with their family and friends

Three Mountains Natural Area – Coral Springs FL

Considering the whole of South Florida barely has no hills, in Coral Springs what appears to be like small hills have led to the name of Three Mountains Natural Area. These are almost no hills at all but slightly raised grounds that have created a beautiful adventurous park area for

Coral Springs Nature Center & Wildlife Hospital

Animal lovers who visit Coral Springs should make it a point to visit the Coral Springs Nature Center & Wildlife Hospital (SNC). It is a charitable, non-profit organization, volunteer-driven organization that was started by a group of people who wanted to help wild animals. The

8 outdated remodeling trends

Trends that we found in the last few years in remodeling are beginning to be overshadowed by new ones. Whether for reasons of efficiency, cost, or excessive marketing, there are trends that have been rarely integrated into remodeling projects recently, so we could say that they are

Betti Stradling Park In Coral Springs, Florida

Betti Stradling Memorial Park for the community of Coral Springs offers a lot of recreational facilities for people of all ages. From pre-school children, youth, young adults to senior citizens, they can all enjoy a variety of activities and events that regularly take place at the

Coral Springs Museum of Art

For people living in South Florida, the Coral Springs Museum of Art is one of the must visit places. It’s great city museum that frequently showcases a variety of interesting art and special events. The museum also includes a small library, study area, and a gift shop. Here

Seal Those Old Ducts and Save!

When was the last time you gave any thought to the duct system in your home? Wait, my what? Exactly my point! Other than the occasional call I get for a duct cleaning quote most people give no thought to the duct system that distributes all that wonderful cool air throughout your

BIM Modeling Services in 2018: What to Look Forward To

Through BIM modeling services, multiple parties can work together on the same digital infrastructure, running simulations, assessing costs, and identifying potential risks. Building information modeling services create a comprehensive digital representation of a project, which can