At BHB Pest Elimination, we know the immense cost one fly, roach or rodent can cost your business - an untold number of lost customers. In today's world, that's simply unacceptable to us. Our Thorough Treatments are designed to quickly eliminate any existing issues, then most importantly, set up the measures so they do not return.

Eliminating active issues is the easy part. The real difficulty is in keeping it that way. BHB Management and Service Technicians devise a pest elimination program designed for the specific - needs of your restaurant. Every restaurant, regardless of size or location - is very vulnerable to pests.

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  City New York, NY
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Bed Bugs

We know you must have many questions and concerns about bedbugs, especially in NYC. For additional information please download our Bedbug Informational Sheets. or Call our offices today. We would be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have or set up an inspection to be sure whether or not bedbugs are present.


Our programs are designed to carefully Inspect your facility to locate ALL potential breeding and nesting areas. Most programs only look to eliminate Adults. But at BHB, we know if you only treat adults, more will appear tomorrow. At BHB Pest Elimination, we look to Treat AND Remove conditions flies can live and breed in to provide long term elimination.

Property Management

At BHB Pest Elimination, we know that you will not accept even a single pest. In fact, in 1969, when most companies only offered monthly maintenance, we were the first company to Guarantee Complete Pest Elimination in New York City. We understand that every pest and every home is unique and each requires a variety of different methods to successfully eliminate.
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Net Frames

Sep 11, 2019
BHB Pest is a fantastic outfit. We've used them for years in multiple buildings and will continue to use them. Always polite and very capable.
Michael B and Louis C are the best. Full review ›

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