With our collective years of experience we are able to identify your particular problem within minutes of showing up to your front door with a free estimate. With our years of collective experience dealing with a wide range of pests and rodents you can rest assured that we are the best for the job here in the Bakersfield county area.

Frankly, we acknowledge our competition has the skill to do the work we do, but what they have in skill they lack in customer relations to keep their customers satisfied for years after service. That is where we stand out. We believe in integrity, respect, fairness, dependability, consistency, honor and loyalty.

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Cheap California pest control can be a bit challenging to find, but with the right resources and information to help narrow your search you can find an inexpensive ant control solution to solve your problems today. We realize that ant removal can be a downright frustrating experience if you were to attempt to do it on your own.

Bed Bugs

We are 25 years experience, sought after Bed Bug Exterminators in Bakersfield, CA.We use the latest industry standard techniques to ensure these nasty critters never come back. Night, night! don't let the bedbugs bite! is a common mantra we chant as a playful way of wishing a child, relative or significant other to bed. Sadly, bed bugs are anything but playful in nature.


They're creepy. Crawly. Ugly. Nasty. And gives you the heebie jeebies. Not only is their nature vile and disgusting, they consume food that doesn't belong to them, make themselves neighbors where they aren't wanted and are one of the biggest carriers of disease (next to rodents) on this planet.


Let's face it. Spiders extermination and control is a royal pain in the you-know-what. Not only are they pesky, they are known to be dangerous if bitten for some species and varieties have poisonous venom that ranges from mild irritation to even *death*! Locally, it's especially a nuisance considering the hot, humid climate making it a breeding ground for spider nests.


Collectively, termites are responsible for $1 billion in property damage per year infecting no less than 350,000 homes annually. Unlike major calamities covered by insurance, termite damage is rarely covered. Who knew such tiny critters could be responsible for so much chaos!
Mike Edwards

Mike Edwards

Mar 25, 2016
They did a fantastic job taking care of the bed bugs we had at our house. It was a very worrisome time but once Bez Valley did their treatment, we had no more incidents of waking up itching & scratching after that! Full review ›

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