Innovation, creativity and superior service in landscape management-these are the trademarks of Barrett Landscaping. I'm Hobie Barrett, proud owner of Barrett Landscaping. My goal in business is to show that all tree, shrub and lawn care services are not alike. My company proves this daily throughout Savannah and Chatham County, Georgia.

We take pride in serving the landscape needs of Tybee Island, Wilmington Island, Whitemarsh Island, Skidaway Island, and Thunderbolt, Georgia. Are You Looking for the Best in Commercial Landscape Management? Image is important in the business world. A professionally managed property deserves a professional looking landscape.

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Experts say remodeling a master bathroom or kitchen can potentially return big dividends at the time of sell. According to Money Magazine, professional landscaping can return up to 200% of the original investment when you sell your property. Call us to today to enjoy the beauty of a landscaped yard by Barrett Landscaping.


We offer full-service irrigation to provide a practical, economical and effective irrigation solution for your yard and landscape. Our irrigation specialists are trained in the latest irrigation technologies. We have the expertise to design, troubleshoot, repair and effectively maintain any type of system.

Turf Renovation

Let us improve the health of your lawn by aerating your soil. Lawn aeration, or core aeration, helps by pulling up plugs of soil and then allowing air, water, and nutrients to reach the roots of your grass. Lawn aeration will help strengthen the roots and allow them to grow deeper. Strong roots in grass will help make it look very green and more beautiful.


Add seasonal color and inspiration to your garden or landscape setting. Summer annuals can add a vibrant display to perennial borders and terrace containers. Using our horticultural expertise, we will work with you to select the perfect palette of container and border plantings that fit your personality and home style for every season.


Pine straw or needle is an increasingly popular choice material used for landscape mulch mainly because of its rich auburn color. Another draw is its natural ability to repel many common garden pests such as termites. Pine mulch is also high in nitrogen, so as pine straw decomposes it makes a great fertilizer.


Aug 26, 2017
My yard was in bad shape for the past few years, and I couldn't take care of it myself. As soon as I signed up with Barrett landscaping things started improving, and I am actually looking forward to the spring and no longer dreading it! Thank you so much! Full review ›


Mar 19, 2017
I am very pleased to provide a letter of recommendation for Barrett Landscaping. I have found it very challenging to find people and companies that follow through with their promises, but Hobie Barrett has been the ultimate professional from start to finish. Full review ›


Jan 06, 2017
The crew comes at a predictable time each week. They get right to work and are gone before you know it. The yard looks amazing each time. Full review ›
Lydia Vale

Lydia Vale

Sep 29, 2016
As a homeowner and Board member, AT OLDE TOWNE PLACE ON WILMINGTON, I have seen how courteous, how hard-working they are. They are truly wonderful in keeping our areas trimmed and clean. One factor that makes it possible is that we can talk with them to let them know what needs to be done and they do the job well. Full review ›


Jan 02, 2016
Barrett Landscaping is focused on listening to their clients and paying attention to the details of their customers lawn care needs. Full review ›

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