Arizona Painting Company has been in business since 2001. We have two office locations, one in Tucson, AZ and the other in Chandler AZ. We pride ourselves in being the company that sets the standard for all other painting companies in Phoenix and Tucson to strive for. None of our work is subcontracted out, its all done by employees who pass our rigorous training program and ongoing monthly skill building training we do with them.

We also background check and drug test all employees so you can feel save and secure when we are working on your property. Our main company goal in 2016 is to build a company culture of success and amazing customer service.

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  City Tucson, AZ
  Zip code 85705
  Address 1870 W Prince Rd
  Phone (520) 284-1792
  Today 06:00 AM ÷ 05:00 PM    
  Person Mr. Doug Caris

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With so many residential painting companies to choose from, it can be hard to narrow down all of your options and find the best company out there. Thankfully, you've heard that our residential painting services are affordable and meet the highest industry standards. You've also probably heard that customers rave about our professional staff nearly every chance they get.


From car washes to stand-alone storefronts to expansive hotels and restaurants, the commercial painting services we offer are showcased on businesses throughout the valley: Country Inn and Suites, Val Vista Lakes Clubhouse, and Fajitas are just a few commercial painting jobs sporting our custom look.

Interior Painting

Painting is one of those household tasks that many people think they can undertake, it looks so easy right.? Unfortunately, many homeowners find themselves in over their heads halfway through a project. We don't want you to make that same mistake! If you are going to elect to paint your own house we recommend you follow our process.


Painting the exterior of a house or commercial property is a rather an elaborate job, which should be best left to our professional painting company to conduct with expertise. There are a lot of aspects involved in the task, and only a trained painter is able to perform the process correctly.
Kathy DaSilva

Kathy DaSilva

Sep 24, 2016
Our house looks fantastic! Arturo and Juan were very professional and fast. They completed our house in under 3 days! Much faster than the four days originally predicted. Brian the supervisor was professional and provided me with great customer service when questions arose. Full review ›
Diana Garcia

Diana Garcia

Aug 24, 2016
It couldn't have gone better. Unfortunately, we had little choice in the colors we selected since our HOA only approves certain color schemes. I also had to wait for our HOA to approve the application. Full review ›
Deanna Day Flores

Deanna Day Flores

Aug 19, 2016
We did have some scheduling issues not because of this company but because of the builder so they worked well with rescheduling us. But the painters decided not to cover anything up! Paint everywhere! Full review ›
Steve Busch

Steve Busch

Aug 12, 2016
The house looks great, amazing job. My only complaint is about all the drywall scrapings and bits of glass I had to pick up, some paint got on my grill and the plastic bags floating in my pool. Small complaints, but the paint job is spectacular. Full review ›
Dale Lee

Dale Lee

Apr 19, 2016
The foreman for my job was Dave and he did an outstanding job. My house had not been cleaned or painted since it was built in 1989 and he made sure to take the time to do everything right. It took a bit longer than expected but that was because Dave was more concerned about doing the job right and his attention to detail. Full review ›
Darlene Steinhart

Darlene Steinhart

Apr 16, 2016
This is the second time that we used Arizona Painting Company. Last year they painted our house and block walls. This time our RV garage. Great job by Jose & Julio. They were a pleasure to work with. Full review ›
Kevin George

Kevin George

Apr 13, 2016
Arizona Painting completed a job to paint our concrete fencing. The job was done quick and with top quality. Very impressed with their work. I would recommend them and plan to use them if need exterior painting in the future. Full review ›
Ann Scott

Ann Scott

Apr 08, 2016
There is always a lot of tension when readying a house for sale and it is worse when you live 2600 miles away. The interior walls of my house needed painting and having heard Mac & Gatos praise AZ Painting so much when I lived in AZ, it was a good time to see if they were correct. Full review ›
Gwen Barker

Gwen Barker

Mar 23, 2016
Arizona Painting just completed painting our HOA clubhouse, fence, wrought iron and cool decking. What a difference fresh paint makes! Corry and his crew arrived when they said they would, focused on quality of work, both in prepping the areas for painting and in applying the paint. Full review ›

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