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Soloway Designs specializes in, but is not limited to, architectural styles such as Modern home design, Southwest contemporary, Desert Modern, Mediterranean architecture and eco friendly, green home design. Working closely with our clients we can create any unique style, or combination of styles they desire.

Mark — We hired Marc as our architect to design our home in Tucson. We could not be happier with his work and partnership with us. Marc is a fabulous architect
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Stephen C. Bohn, Architect, Inc. provides creative architectural services for residential and commercial projects, specializing in custom homes and high-end remodeling. Over 450 projects have been built since 1988. The firms strength lies in the ability to establish positive working relationships with clients and interior designers, builders and related professionals.

Phyllis & Brent Kite — We had never retained an architect prior to the extensive remodel of our home. Steve presented us with several alternatives and suggestions to every facet
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The goal is always to find the essence of what will make the project sing. It's about finding an expression that will contribute to the clients' (homeowners, business owners, or neighborhood associations) quality of life in both tangible and intangible ways. After the design has essentially been set, we begin the process of assembling the construction documents.

Joshua Thompson — Lanning is definitely not your ordinary architecture firm! Our company has collaborated with them on the mechanical end of numerous projects over the years
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Seaver Franks Architects is a full service architecture firm, well known for our innovative building design. Located in Tucson, Arizona for over forty years, we incorporate a deep respect for the rich history, sensitive natural environment and unique architectural flavor of the Southwest.

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The success of every project is a direct result of the fundamental key ideas created at the inception of design. Good architectural design has the power to enrich life and facilitate a building's purpose. At Sears Gerbo Architecture in Tucson, AZ we strive for clarity of the idea in all our solutions. We want our architecture to exhibit a sense of art and delight in form and image.

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