If you own a home, you know the importance of working with companies you can trust. Work with a pest control specialist you feel comfortable letting into your home. Apex Pest Control was established in 1999 and has been serving residents in the Asheville, NC area ever since.

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  City Asheville, NC
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  Address 460 Weaverville Road, Suite 5
  Phone (828) 231-3553
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Destroying Insects

Destroying Insects

Apex Pest Control of Asheville, NC offers comprehensive insect control services. We can get rid of: Termites Powder post beetles Old house borers Carpenter ants Carpenter bees You can trust us to remove your insects and treat your property so they don’t come back.
Terminate Control

Terminate Control

Apex Pest Control offers two types of post construction termite treatments: 1. Liquid Treatments: We provide liquid treatments around the foundation of your home and treat the areas of infestation or 2. Baiting System: We can install and monitor a termite baiting system around the exterior of your home. These stations will be monitored by our skilled pest control technicians and checked regularly for termite activity. Termite colonies can be eliminated with today’s technology and advanced methods of baiting systems.
Hostguard Flea Control

Hostguard Flea Control

This totally unique organic flea control system will not only protect you from biting fleas, but will also help you monitor the infestation and reduce the infestation. This happens as the adult fleas not only get caught in our Guardalone product, but if they manage to escape they will die. Its a win win for you. The wonderful thing is that Hostgaurd is a natural and 100% organic flea control system.
Ken Mertens

Ken Mertens

Dec 28, 2018
After my phone call to Apex and talking over my problems I'm having, they were there within a couple of hours to get to work on them! Very courteous and professional Full review ›
Cathy G.

Cathy G.

Apr 10, 2018
First I would like to commend Hunter, my technician, for his personal and professional qualities. My house was being invaded by tiny ants! I placed a phone call to Apex and voiced my concerns to Tim. He was the friendly voice on the other end of the phone. He told me I had called the right place and indeed, I had. They came out very promptly and treated... Full review ›
Matt E.

Matt E.

Aug 30, 2017
I picked Apex due to their Google reviews, their great page on Facebook, and the very polite and knowledgeable individual I spoke to on the phone. Hunter and Colin of Apex just left my house. They gave me a courtesy call before arriving and then arrived on schedule. I told Hunter the basement had no issues but he still went down there and sprayed... Full review ›
Linda Newton

Linda Newton

Feb 23, 2017
I have been using Apex for over ten years and love their service. Full review ›

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Apex Pest Control Asheville - Don't Let Him In!

These guys make awful house guests and can interrupt you when you least expect it. Do you want to share your home with mice or rats, perhaps not, unless they are pets, they are pests. Contact Apex Pest Control in Asheville to take care of your rodent problems and don't have these rats as your house guests. Take action and get rid of the problem before its too late. Read this article on Rat Problems. http://apexpestcontrolwnc.com/diseases-spread-by-rats-and-mice/ Subscribe to our channel and call us if you have a rodent problem anywhere in Asheville or the Surrounding area.

Ant Control Asheville - Get Rid Of Ants Fast Call (828) 545-7378

Ants come in all shapes and sizes and they are one of the most intelligent creatures on earth. However, they can cause an immense amount of damage in your home. Carpenter ants, in particular, will destroy your home just like termites as they are wood damaging pests. It can cost you a lot of money to fix damage or even if you decide to sell your home and you have signs of wood damaging pests. Having a regular pest control program will help you and save you in the long run. Call us now Get Rid Of Ants Fast Call (828) 545-7378