Land Surveying and Civil Engineering are essential to all development projects. Whether the project requires a new site plan or the re-development of a downtown block, the information collected in the surveying and engineering phase is the foundation of the decisions to be made throughout any construction project.

As such, a professional survey or civil engineering service by Andrew Lonnie Sikes, Inc. can set the stage for a well-conceived development. Andrew Lonnie Sikes, Inc. dba Texas Land Surveying, Inc. (also known as has been in business since 1977. We the personnel to help you create a quality land development project.

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Civil Engineering

ALS, Inc. offers civil engineering design and project management on property development and infrastructure projects. Our civil engineering staff is experienced in coordinating with regulatory officials, other design professionals, and our clients. We assist our clients by preparing design documents and routing projects through the regulatory approval process.

Land Surveying

Land surveying is a vital service required in the ownership and transfer of land title. We approach this area of surveying with the deliberate application of the science of measurement and the art of land boundary principles. Mr. Sikes, PE, RPLS is considered an expert on legal matters associated with land title locations.


Hydrographic or bathymetric surveying is a highly specialized area of surveying. Mr. Sikes, PE, RPLS began his career in NOAA performing bathymetric surveys from Puerto Rico to Connecticut. Today, ALS, Inc. provides these services on inland waters where they are critical in engineering projects from determining the volumes of ponds to determining pay volumes in dredging projects.

Aerial Photography

Aerial mapping is the science of making measurements from stereo photography. The basic principles of stereo imaging were known as early as the 15th century. ALS, Inc. has been in the aerial mapping business since 1992 and employs the latest technology available. ALS, Inc. has created contour maps of thousands of acres and hundreds of miles of Texas highways.