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We are passionate about helping our friends, neighbors, and customers manage their wildlife issues, and keep their homes safe and secure. If you’re struggling with an uninvited guest in your house or yard, give us a call!

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Raccoon Removal

A raccoon in the attic may cause all kinds of damage to your Palm Bay home. In addition to chewing through wiring and causing roofing, fascia board and soffit destruction, they also tend to take up residence with areas that have narrow openings like sheds or hot tubs. Raccoons are not well controlled by repellents around Brevard County which is why you should never waste your time on them! Whenever a critter from this species appears at night - be it an opossum or a raccoon- call us for more information about getting rid of these pests once and for all

Squirrel Removal

There’s no better place for Palm Bay squirrels than your attic. There’s nothing more they want than a nice dry place to get out of the weather and play around like puppies under your roof or in your chimney and fireplace. Squirrel usually build nests in trees, but according to experts with North American Tree Climbing Company, there is really not much that can harm them up here from other animals as it's unlikely another animal would be able to climb onto their perch high above ground level! They pose the greatest threat because they chew electrical wires; if you see one chewing on an electric wire then please call our company right away so we may come remove him/her before any problems arise!

Bat Removal

Bat control in Brevard County begins with finding the entry point for these pesky little critters and creating a one-way door at that entrance. This provides bats easy access while preventing them from returning home once they've gone out to hunt each night. The process of removing Palm Bay bat infestations starts by identifying where it came in through, installing a "one way" door so that when our furry friends go hunting during their nightly excursions, however can't come back inside! Once your bats have been exiled, it’s important to seal up those entry holes nice and tight so that these pests can never get back in. Your bats may have been visiting for a long time, which means you might need attic cleaning as well as some cosmetic repairs. The good news is Palm Bay homeowners won't hesitate when calling us because we provide Florida wildlife damage repair services.

Rodent Removal

The worst nightmare of every Palm Bay homeowner is to see a rat running loose in their house. Ew! Despite their minuscule size, rats and mice can wiggle into almost any crack within Florida homes or businesses. Contractors rarely think long-term about ways to prevent rodents from entering houses during construction or remodels; therefore, any work you have carried out on your home may have created an entry point for these pesky creatures. Rats are infesting homes in Brevard County. Once they get inside, these rats will chew up your wiring and pipes which can lead to property damage or even fire if the rat gnaws on a wire that's connected to an electric current. This is why it is important for homeowners of this county not only be aware but also proactive about getting rid of them before their problem becomes yours as well! There have been cases where exterminators use poison as their primary weapon when fighting against rodents--but what most people don't know, that using too much poisons leads the rodent population being at risk for dehydration by dehydrating themselves until there isn't any water left in them (which means more potential danger).

Pigeon and Bird Control

When you see a pigeon in your yard, you might think that they are harmless birds going about their daily business. This couldn't be further from the truth: pigeons carry disease and leave behind feces everywhere they go! Not to mention, these pests can set up shop on residential or commercial property if it seems like home away from home for them. Sound familiar? We offer full-proof bird removal solutions throughout Palm Bay FL where we help both residential clients with pest control services as well as commercial customers who need assistance with keeping pesky animals out of workplaces such as schools and office buildings alike.

Snake Removal

The snake population is a growing problem in Palm Bay, FL. We deal with the pests quickly and efficiently! If you're asking yourself "what type of snakes are there?", we have tips on how to avoid them for your home or business. Our pest control team has been dealing with these problems since they first started - no matter what it takes, our professionals will handle this situation as soon as possible
Carol Reid

Carol Reid

May 17, 2021
I recently used AAAC Wildlife Removal to deal with possum removal from my crawl space. Alex and his wife Kayla were a pleasure to deal with---they were professional, dependable, prompt and kept me updated on the process throughout. Both went above and beyond to answer my questions, provide reassurance and to make sure the job was completed. They provided... Full review ›
Trey Hostetter

Trey Hostetter

Dec 15, 2020
Amazing service all the time. Highly reccomend!! Full review ›
Karen L.

Karen L.

Aug 24, 2020
Very professional and knowledgable. Very very reliable. Full review ›