Owned and operated by Jody Tate since 2008, A Head Above Home Repair offers high quality services using only superior products, materials and equipment. Jody Tate learned a lot about the home improvement industry at a young age, by helping upgrade homes in the real estate market. Jody also had an eye for design from working in the furniture industry and seeing how home interiors were being put together.

With encouragement from family and friends, he finally started his own home repair company in 2008. Later on, he wanted to try out another field so he retired from the furniture industry and ventured into home repairs.

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The bathroom has always been one of those rooms that is the pride of the home, and even practically, we spend a great deal of time in them as well with not only bathing, but also preparing for our day and utilizing various facilities. As much time as we spend in the bathroom, the experience should be in an atmosphere that creates a pleasant bliss and relaxation.


Many of you may be wanting to add something to your home to spice it up a bit, but you want it to be something functional year round. The answer you're looking for may just be a new deck! Decks are among the most popular additions that many people add on to their homes, and for good reason!


So, you're interesting in building a fence? Well, you came to the right place! Our team at A Head Above Home Repair is experienced and ready to build your beautiful fence.


Painting says a lot about a house. It gives color and life, and has a great effect on the overall beauty of a residence. The personality of the house depends on the quality of the paint. With this is mind, a good paint job shouldn't be taken for granted. It's a good thing we at A Head Above Home Repair specialize in this service.


Have a siding job that needs to be done? A Head Above Home Repair can handle it! Our team is prepared as the go-to experts on home siding projects, whether it be wood or fiber/concrete siding. Texture or smooth. Wood siding is widely considered the most attractive type of siding, and it's accepted as the going green option since it's biodegradable and without toxins.
Heidi Lester Cherney

Heidi Lester Cherney

Mar 27, 2018
Jody, Jonathan and team are the best. Very friendly and professional and eager to please. The quality of work is outstanding and they even accommodated a design change mid-project! Highly recommend! Full review ›
Vicki Holifield

Vicki Holifield

Aug 12, 2015
Awesome work. Fair pricing they stay busy so schedule your work in advance and you will be very happy with the results. Full review ›